Shop Outside! The Cars & Crayons Trading Stand

Shop Outside! The Cars & Crayons Trading Stand

 Cars & Crayons - From Studio to Stand

As the longer and warmer days approach, we at Cars & Crayons have been scouting the perfect spots for our first trading stand. With two successful events under our belt and a third on the horizon, we're thrilled to share what we bring to the table, from exclusive promotions to one-off items. 

Special Offers & Prices

Our pop-up vendor allows us to get creative with discounts and offer items that might not always be available on our flagship webshop.

Not only do special offers and discount codes appear on our webshop, but we also bring exclusive prices and deals to the C&C stand! This is a fantastic way to stock up on gifts and treats, whilst getting an in-person look at our products before making your purchase.

No Product Goes to Waste!

We're proud that all Cars & Crayons products are made entirely from our in-house atelier. From time to time, our handcrafted goods might not turn out exactly as expected, especially with new products. These are 'seconds' products, obtaining only minor cosmetic imperfections. Often, the irregularity is barely noticeable, even to the most discerning eye. These pieces are generally 20-50% off retail. We never send out genuinely flawed second items from the webshop. We bring them to our C&C stand, where customers have the chance take them home and enjoy. 

Not only are seconds products available, but we also bring one-of-a-kind test pieces and prototypes that might still be in the sketchbook of ideas!


Getting to Know You

It's important for us to connect with our customers! These events give us a perfect opportunity to chat one-on-one. We've already met fantastic folks, shared countless stories, and received many great ideas and suggestions for future products. That’s what it’s all about. We began as part of a community, thanks to the vehicles we love, and that will always remain the same.


Future Events

The best way to stay updated on our next trading stand is to follow us on Instagram or Facebook. You can also reach out to us at

Want to Know More?

Don’t be shy! If you want to know what products we’ll be bringing, pre-order ahead of schedule and collect on the day, or simply want more info, we’d be more than happy to help, either via Instagram or

      We hope to see you at the next event! Don't forget to say hi! 

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